Some of the 12 kW solar panels installed on site
Students using FOGO bins
Solar Power System

Tylden Primary School has a recently upgraded 12kW solar system installed.

The solar system offsets the power costs for the school.

The school community can access the output figures for the system via the internet.

Integrated into the Curriculum

The integrated units taught at our school are designed to incorporate sustainability.

Our aim is to improve students’ knowledge and produce a positive attitude to protecting our environment.

Water Efficiency Program

Our school is part of the Schools Water Efficiency Program.

We receive daily information about water usage and consumption, so that we can monitor water use and make changes as needed.

Small steps

We encourage students and our whole school community and community to take practical actions in everyday life.

We aim to reduce consumption of energy and resources, to reduce their production of greenhouse gases, waste, litter and non-recyclable garbage.