Tylden Primary School

Specialist Subjects

The school offers a range of specialist subjects each year that suit the current students and the requirements of the Department of Education and Training. The staff at the school are experienced and qualified in a variety of specialist areas. Specialist subjects are usually offered in the timetable for one hour per week and are selected from the following:

  • Performing Arts

    Children participate in at least one hour per week of Performing Arts with a specialist teacher. Working in the delightful surroundings of our historic Performing Arts Room, the children have expert teaching and a dedicated space for creativity in music, drama and dance. Students have regular opportunities to showcase their work. The school concert is held annually and every child participates in singing, acting and/or dancing. Parents help with music accompaniment, development of props and construction of costumes. The school concert is a much-anticipated highlight of the school year.

  • LOTE (German)

    A specialist teacher conducts German language classes for one hour per week for all children. The program includes spoken language and culture.

  • ICT (information and Communication Technology)
    While the school places high importance on students’ writing skills, we recognise the importance of being skilled in the use of ICT.  Students have one hour per week with a specialist teacher to improve their ICT skills and to undertake instruction in coding. The school has banks of computers for student use.

  • Physical Education

    All children participate in Physical Education lessons regularly with their classroom teacher. Children progressively improve their motor skills and movement competence, learn about the importance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices and learn about the rules and strategies of formal sports.

    The PE lessons promote lifelong participation in physical activity through the progressive development of motor skills and movement competence, health-related physical fitness and sport education.