Tylden Primary School

Special Programs

The school offers a range of special programs designed to support high quality teaching and learning and enhance student wellbeing

  • Buddies

    Prep children starting at Tylden have a Grade 5 or 6 ‘Big Buddy’ who helps them to make the transition to school. The buddy meets the Prep child during the special classroom sessions that are organised prior to the commencement of school. Big buddies help in the school yard during the early part of the year, playing with the Prep children and assisting them as needed. There are classroom activities organised throughout the year with buddies to maintain the relationship. Senior students look forward to having a buddy to look after and the younger children quickly become comfortable with the older children in the school as a result of the buddy program. Children who enrol in other levels at Tylden are matched with a ‘class buddy’ to help them to settle into their new school. The Buddy Programs lead to long-lasting friendships between students of all ages.

  • Junior School Council

    Each year, two representatives from each year level (grades 3 – 6) are elected to be part of the Junior School Council (JSC). The JSC meets regularly and organises special activities and at times chooses to raise money for a charity or to purchase a piece of equipment for the school. JSC reports to the School Council at its monthly meeting.

  • Healthy eating including ‘Fresh Fruit Friday’

    Students are encouraged to bring healthy food options to school for play lunch and lunch. At 10 am every day, the classes stop for a fresh fruit snack. School Council has chosen to continue the ‘Fresh Fruit Friday’ program, formerly funded by the state government, so this fresh fruit snack is provided by the school on Fridays. Parent volunteers are needed each Friday morning to cut up a platter of fresh fruit for each classroom.

  • Optimum inclusion of students with disabilities and impairments

    Tylden Primary School is a friendly school where individual difference is valued and respected.   The school offers an education program suited to the diverse needs of its students.  The grounds and buildings accessible to all. Student Support Group meetings occur regularly to ensure that children with special needs participate in a learning program that optimises their learning and developmental outcomes

  • Sustainable Schools Program

    The Tylden PS community supports sustainable practices that are waste, energy, and water wise.  We work with students to reinforce the belief that actions taken by an individual can make a difference to our world.

  • Camps and Excursions

    Excursion opportunities may be taken up each year to complement the learning in a variety of curriculum areas.  Staff also engage agencies to deliver special performances and activities on site (“Incursions”). Students in grades 3 – 6 attend an annual camp over three days. Camp destinations are determined in a four year rotation. Costs for these activities are charged to families.

  • Extension and Intervention

    Students learn at different rates and there is diversity in every classroom. The school offers a range of specialised intervention activities to assist with literacy and numeracy development, including the DET Tutoring initiative. Extension activities for more able students are offered from within the school, through Victorian High Achievers Program (VHAP) and through external agencies in a variety of curriculum areas.

  • Multimedia and Information and Communications Technology

    Tylden Primary School has well equipped classrooms, each with an Interactive whiteboard or Smart TV. There are laptop computers available to all ages and used in the teaching and learning programs for all children. A fast wireless network operates across all learning areas. The proceeds from the annual School Fair helps to purchase new laptop computers and update the ICT equipment available to students.

  • Inter-school Sports

    Children in the upper grades participate in a variety of sports with other local schools. While there is opportunity for teams that are successful in local events to progress to region and district competitions, the emphasis on inter-school sports days is on inclusion and participation. Sports played at inter-school meetings include netball, softball, football, soccer, volleyball, athletics and cross country running. Parent assistance may be requested for inter- school events and parents are always welcome to attend sports days as spectators.

  • Annual Sports Day

    The Annual House Athletics Sports Day is a highlight in the school calendar. The event is held in November. Our school has three houses: Dingoes (Yellow), Dolphins (Blue) and Wedge-Tailed Eagles (Red). Students compete against age standards during the day to score points for their house in various track and field events. Traditionally, one rotation of activities is Indigenous Games run by Koorie education officers from our region. Our future Prep children are also invited to join the fun.

  • Swimming instruction program

    The whole school swimming and water safety program operates annually in fourth term. The students are grouped by ability and the lessons are conducted by trained staff from the Kyneton Sports and Aquatic Centre. In recent years, School Council has determined that the swimming and water safety lessons for all students are subsidised from fundraising for all students, which minimises the costs for families.

  • Instrumental Music Program

    Specialist instrumental music teachers offer tuition in piano, drums/percussion and guitar. Students are prepared for AMEB music examinations if required. Tuition fees are set by the visiting staff and costs are met by parents.

  • Out of School Hours Care

    Our school offers Out of School Hours Care daily before school from 6:30 am – 8:30 8:40 am and also daily after school from 3.30 pm – 6 pm.

    Children can attend as many mornings and afternoons as needed. The service is operated and run by Tylden Primary School and coordinated by an experienced educator. Bookings are essential and fees are very reasonable.

    OSHC provides breakfast in the before school program and a healthy snack in the after school program. There are a wide variety of organised activities for the children in attendance. The program is published each week (in advance) in the school newsletter. The Out of School Hours Care Service operates in Room 4, beside the main office.