Tylden Primary School

School Policies

 A selection of current policies in place at Tylden Primary School.

School Privacy Policy

Administration of Medication Policy
Alcohol Policy
Allergy Policy
Anaphylaxis Policy
Asthma Policy
Bullying And CyberBullying Policy
Camps and Excursions Policy
Curriculum Framework Policy
Critical Incident Plan Policy
Digital Technologies Policy
Discipline Policy
Dogs at School Policy
Enrolment Procedure
Feedback Policy
Homework Policy
ICT User Agreement
Inclusion and Diversity Policy
Incursions Policy
Parent Involvement Policy
Parent Payments Policy
Personal Property Policy
Photography and Filming Policy
School Philosophy and Values Policy
Student Engagement Policy
Student Welfare Policy
Sun Smart - Sun Protection Policy
Traffic Management Plan
Traffic Management Policy
Uniform Policy
Visitors & Volunteers Policy
Yard Duty and Supervision - Parents and Students Policy

Working With Children Checks Policy

Child Safety at Tylden Primary School
Child Safe Code of Conduct
Child Safe Policy
Child Safe Statement of Commitment
Child Safety Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures_2019