Tylden Primary School

Enrolment Information

2014 Prep StudentsTylden PS welcomes enrolments from families who live in the school zone or neighbourhood. It is also school of choice for many families who live outside of this area. I encourage all families who are deciding where to enrol their children to contact the school and make an appointment to visit the school. On your visit, two senior students will take you on a school tour. You will see our classes at work and be able to ask the students questions. The school tour will be followed by a meeting with the Principal to clarify any further information you may need.


Find My School and School Zones

Families can use the Find My School to see if Tylden PS is their closest (neighbourhood) school.

Find My School:

However, Tylden PS welcomes students from outside the school zone. Enrolments are accepted according to the DET Placement Policy and Tylden PS Enrolment Procedure.


Enrolments are welcome for all levels

The best time to enrol at a new school is at the start of the school year. However, this is not always possible, for example, when a new family moves into the neighbourhood.

At Tylden, we encourage families to make contact with the school to arrange for one or more classroom visits for the children before they commence at school. The visits might be in fourth term, prior to a start in the new school year, or in the weeks prior to transfer. When children visit the school they can meet their classroom teacher and their classroom buddy, participate in classroom activities, learn their way around the school and get to know some of the children in their grade before they start classes. All of these things will help make the move to a new school easier. In our small school, children quickly get to know each other across all grade levels.

Open Days

Open Days are usually scheduled each year in Education Week. We encourage your family to visit the school on the Open Days, to talk with the Principal and go on a school tour. We want our visitors to get a feel for our school by observing our grades at work, touring the beautiful grounds and meeting the current Prep teacher.

School tours are always welcome at other times by appointment. Please ring the school office to arrange a time that suits your family.

2022 Open Days in Education Week: 

The 2022 Open Days will be on Thursday 26th May 10am-2.30pm & Saturday 28th May 10am-12.30pm, or contact the school to make other arrangements.


Prep Transition Program

Starting school marks a very important milestone in the lives of young children. Recent studies strongly suggest that children's adjustment to their first year at school is strongly influenced by their familiarity with the school setting.

Helping to make the transition from home or a preschool setting to the school situation as smooth as possible is of paramount importance to the Prep team at Tylden Primary School. A great deal of thought and planning has gone into our program and we believe it will:

  • Allow the Pre-School children and their teacher to get to know each other
  • Familiarise the Pre-School children with their future classroom and the school grounds
  • Offer opportunities to participate in classroom activities like those they will do when they commence school
  • Encourage new friendships and develop a support system
  • Provide information and support for parents


Classroom Buddies and Big Buddies

Newly enrolled students are matched with a classroom buddy who will help them to settle into life at Tylden Primary School. Our children welcome the responsibility of being a classroom buddy with the important job of making someone new feel welcome.

Every Prep child is paired with a senior student who becomes his/her “big buddy.” Our senior students view being a “big buddy” very seriously and they look forward to the year when they are given the opportunity. Buddies and Preps spend time together in the yard at the start of the school year, until the younger children are independent and comfortable in their new surroundings. In the first couple of visits to school, the Prep teacher gets to know each new Prep child and then they make a good match for each child. Buddies continue their relationship with the Preps throughout the Prep year, informally in the yard and also with scheduled classroom activities.

Please note that the link to the Tylden PS enrolment procedure currently does not work. Let me know if you need a new copy of the file.